Monday, October 10, 2011

Samo Slike

I don't have a solid theme to write about this week, so instead I'm posting a lot of pictures, as requested. Nikola borrowed my camera and made a short video explaining the family, so I'll probably post that sometime soon.

Milošević-era propaganda: "Serbia, keep your heads up!"

The five of us at Nenad Čanak's breakfast, with his niece
A horse-drawn cart. It later passed me, driven by two Roma men.

The Catholic cathedral. The tile roof is exceptionally beautiful.

Dušan, the younger brother, in front of a giant piece of ham.

Nikola and Dušan showing off the watches I gave them for their birthdays

The view down the street from the CZOR office balcony

A typical Socialist-era apartment building (Not my house... I still need to get a good picture of that)

Preparing for a play with the Inclusive Youth Club

Ceca, our fearless leader

The six of us at our weekly meeting

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  1. The picture of your little brother and the ham is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for putting these up.